The Most Important Aspects of Commercial Real Estate for First-Time Investors

The Most Important Aspects of Commercial Real Estate for First-Time Investors

Prior to recent years, real estate agents and property investors would “keep with the knitting” and remain firmly in their residential lane. This meant that they would often purchase property inside the same city or suburb in which they already resided.

However, that has begun to shift over the course of the some years now. Commercial property investing has become increasingly appealing to purchasers who are interested in constructing a more diversified investment portfolio taking advantage of the current situation in the property market.

However, similar to residential property investing, commercial property purchase in Brisbane actually requires you to draw on the skills of a Brisbane buyers agents who are adept in the Brisbane property market if you want to get the most out of your dream property purchase.

Commercial property market is distinguished from residential property market by a number of differences. You are able to make the most of the outcomes by first gaining a knowledge of the factors involved and then adapting your methods and expectations accordingly.

Before making their first investment, aspiring commercial landlords and potential investors should read this article from Buyers Agency Brisbane, in which the authors discuss five essentials that they absolutely must comprehend.

There is no such thing as a “barrier to admission” in the property purchase process

When residential property buyers start to consider commercial property market, they are sometimes stopped in their tracks by the false belief that the financial hurdles to the entrance will be too high.

For the commercial property purchase, for instance, you will almost always be expected to make a deposit of thirty percent of the total purchase price. When someone is more accustomed with the standard ten percent deposit required on residential property, the tour might appear scary.

According to our Buyers Agency Brisbane team, despite the fact that the term “tour” may seem intimidating, the commercial property cost is actually rather reasonable. We have come across assets that are up for grabs with prices ranging from $300,000 to $500,000 and believes they would make a wonderful addition to a portfolio.

It is not difficult to come up with a deposit of thirty percent on a purchase of this kind, particularly for individuals who already have some equity in their residential portfolio, and the substantial cashflow returns soon balance the initial expenditure.

Tenancy is the Most Important Factor (Top Advise from Buyers Agents).

Your choice of tenant for your investment property has a direct influence on a wide variety of aspects pertaining to your commercial asset, ranging from the asset’s current worth to its potential for future capital gains.

For instance, if a tenant is a start-up firm with short lease terms and no history of trade success (i.e., they might close their doors at any time), then they pose a significantly higher risk as compared to an established multi-national tenant.

Even if the two buildings are physically similar, the value of a property that is leased to the tenant with the higher risk will be lower than the value of a property that is leased to the firm with the bigger market share.

Because of this, an empty commercial property often has a lower value than an asset that is occupied by tenants, with one very significant proviso.

It is in regions where there is a low supply of commercial property but a strong demand from owner-occupiers for said property. In situations like these, owners may be ready to forego yield in favour of purchasing a property solely based on their own requirements, which might result in a premium price.

There Are Two Primary Approaches to Determine Value of Brisbane property market

The yield of a commercial property is often considered to be the most important factor in determining its value. The yearly rental revenue that is left over after expenditures have been deducted is what is used to calculate the net yield of an asset.

Imagine that you are inspecting a manufacturing space within a complex. The complex has identical units, all of which have yields ranging from 5.5% to 6.0%.

Simple mathematics suggests that if you take the annual net rental income of the property you want to buy and divide it by 5.5% and also by 6.0%, you will have a good notion of the price range that the property falls within. If you already have this information, then you can go on.

The second primary strategy is to evaluate properties using a dollar rate per lettable square metre as the primary criterion. If other houses of a comparable size are selling for between $2,000 and $2,250 per square metre, then you should apply that price range to the one you are contemplating purchasing and see how it works out.

This and many more are the insights we provide for our clients at Buyers agency Brisbane, when they are considering a property investment option in the Brisbane property market. 

Investing in commercial property market is a business, not an emotional one.

Even while most residential property investors claim they have no emotional relationship to their investments, it is clear that they do have some type of sentimental investment in the properties they choose to purchase.

This is not the case with commercial. According to our Buyers Agency Brisbane experts, the vast majority of investors do not even bother to do any investment property inspection before making a purchase.

Everything pertaining to commercial property investing must revolve around numbers and the property buyers mandate, and it must be presented in a black-and-white format.

The positive aspect of this situation is that talks with selling agents are almost never contentious. Transactions are typically uncomplicated since both the buyer’s agent, property buyer and the seller are aware of the current state of the property market value or service being transacted.

You need the assistance of Our Buyers Agency Brisbane

When compared to residential property investment, commercial property investment market is subjected to a far higher level of scrutiny. Any prospective property purchaser who enters the market without the assistance of a knowledgeable buyers agent runs the significant danger of overpaying for a piece of property that does not live up to its potential.

Due to the fact that it is not only about cost, the complexities of commercial real estate are beyond the comprehension of the typical property investor. It is possible to make poor choices if you are not actively engaged in the profession on a daily basis and are not familiar with the relevant figures, leases, and context in terms of the safety of future investments.

Contact our Buyers Agency Brisbane specialist if you are interested in Brisbane property market so that you can take advantage of our many years of experience as well as our vast network of contacts throughout the commercial sector.


To know the best timing for the right property in the Brisbane property market, and when to take the best opportunity in property purchase, our buyer’s agent recommends that you follow the right approach for your dream property. Contact the best buyers agency Brisbane for the best results.

At buyers agency Australia, we always have the interest of our clients at the centre of our operations. Working with our experts at Buyers Agency Brisbane, you can be rest assured you are getting the best deals.

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